rajibraj 16 May 2024, 14:10

Blood Collection Container

These containers are typically used for mobile blood donation events, health camps, emergency responses, and community-based blood donation projects.
Blood collection containers are specially designed to ensure the comfort and safety of donors. Their interiors are arranged to allow donors to easily undergo procedures while enabling healthcare personnel to work effectively.

Additionally, they are equipped with all necessary medical equipment and facilities for proper storage and transportation of blood. These containers are designed to optimize blood donation processes and
promote increased blood donations. Thanks to their mobile and flexible structures, they can be easily transported to various locations for blood donation events. This helps reach a wider audience and contributes to the continuous replenishment of blood stocks.

Interior Design

This unit, specially designed to meet the rest, clothing change, and personal care needs of healthcare staff, constitutes an important space in healthcare facilities.Inside, there are 3 lockable cabinets where staff can securely store their personal belongings.Two opposing sofas, intended for relaxation, provide healthcare personnel with a comfortable break area.
Additionally, there is a bathroom and toilet area within the unit, equipped with a washing machine for maintaining hygiene. This enables healthcare workers to easily meet their cleanliness and personal care needs. At the back of the unit, there is a room housing technical equipment. Here, systems are in place to meet thecontainer’s water and electricity requirements. Regularmaintenance and monitoring of these systems ensureuninterrupted operation, enhancing the functionality of the container and thus improving the efficiency and comfort of healthcare staff.