About Us

About Us

Established as a subsidiary of the ENAK company, Hospital Container aims to deliver healthcare solutions to hard-to-reach areas with our 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector and expert team.

Emergency conditions require instantaneously action, particularly whilst people`s lives are at stake. Therefore Hospital Container Company is dedicated to imparting the proper clinical container on the proper time and on the proper place, to minimise human suffering.

With our customized designs, we offer a extensive variety of services, from the simplest containers to complicated  structures. We offer our customers  reliability in manufacturing and checking out standards. Our structures compatible  with air, land and sea transportation  and offer the best degree of delivery. The medical clinic containers are set up  securely even withinside the maximum hard conditions.

Hospital Container Company operates withinside the subject of manufacturing and sales of customized medical clinic containers accroding to wishes and needs of customers. With our skilled and professional team, we offer custom designed  solutions  consistent with particular requirements. We serve in the healthcare sector by manufacturing healthcare containers such as,gynecoloy clinic container, dental clinic container,laboratory container , medical clinic container and mammography container etc. Our medical clinic containers are specific in compliance with worldwide first-rate standards.