Medical Container Specifications

The use of standard containers in converted health cabins offers advantages such as portability, modular design, and cost-effectiveness. Standard containers, widely used in the international shipping industry, can be easily transported worldwide. Their modular structure allows for customization to meet specific needs while reducing production costs, making them an economical option for healthcare organizations.

Additionally, the widespread use of standard containers provides a cost-effective solution, reducing production costs for health cabins and presenting an economical option for healthcare organizations. Consequently, converted health cabins, with their quick installation, customization capabilities, and cost advantages, can contribute to extending healthcare services to broader populations.


 Conforms to ISO standards, ensuring ease of use and compatibility across different transport systems.


Modular structure allows for stacking and combining, providing convenience for storage and transport


Large volume suitable for transporting a variety of products and materials, with a spacious interior for organised loading.


 Primary material: Steel, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring a long service life.


Suitable for sea, land and rail transport, making it widely used in global trade.


 Widely preferred in international trade as a standard unit of transport used worldwide.


The container clinics are made from steel shipping containers that can withstand extreme weather conditions, earthquakes and difficult terrain, ensuring their longevity and continuity. In addition, the use of recycled materials demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and enables the production of high quality, environmentally friendly clinics.


The floor plan maximises space and provides an efficient working environment. Sturdy walls support all medical equipment and storage cabinets. Wall mounting facilitates

cleaning and organisation.


The floors are made of hygienic and easy-to-clean materials that meet clinical standards. The robust walls are also easy to clean. Power sockets ensure a safe power supply

and cabinets allow materials to be stored in an organized manner. The design promotes efficient clinic operations, patient safety and the comfort of medical staff.


Container healthcare clinics provides a mobile solution that is easy to transport and quick to set up, which is particularly useful in emergencies, disaster relief or remote

areas. They also serve as temporary healthcare facilities during hospital renovations and ensure continuous access

to healthcare services for patients.

Our Medical Container Specifications  are as below,

WALL INSULATION:After interior insulation, walls are covered with panels featuring antibacterial properties, either with PVC or aluminum surfaces

 FLOOR COATING  :2 mm thick PVC vinyl are used on 14 mm thick board or epoxy coating

 EXTERNAL / INTERNAL DOOR : The interior and exterior doors of the container can be manufactured from PVC,Aluminum, and Metal materials.

 WINDOW  :The windows of the container can be manufactured from PVC, Aluminum, and Metal materials.Windows can be single or double-winged and can open up to 90 degrees.

It can be a double glazed window

GLASS: It can be a double glazed window

LIGHTING: A moisture-proof luminaire is used.