• Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft
  • Dental Clinic Container 20ft

Dental Clinic Container 20ft

20ft containers
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Our container dental clinic, designed as a mobile solution bringing modern dental health services everywhere, is specially equipped to meet contemporary medical needs.
Product code : DCC

Conceived as a revolutionary mobile healthcare solution, our state-of-the- art container dental clinic is dedicated to extending contemporary dental services far and wide. It is meticulously designed and specially equipped to address the dynamic and diverse medical needs of the present era.

Our container dental clinic is not just a facility; it’s a comprehensive healthcare provider offering a spectrum of services ranging from emergency interventions to routine dental care. With cutting-edge technology and a team of seasoned professionals, we ensure efficient, prompt, and top-notch solutions for all your dental needs.

Adhering to the highest health standards, our clinic incorporates modern sterilization techniques to guarantee impeccable levels of hygiene.

This unwavering commitment to cleanliness and safety is paramount in enhancing the overall well-being of your patients.

The versatility of our container dental clinic knows no bounds. It can be swiftly deployed wherever the need arises, be it in rural communities or bustling city centers, at special events or during emergency interventions.

Our container dental clinic can be quickly set up wherever needed. It efficiently serves everywhere from rural areas to city centers, from special events to emergency interventions.

Take a step towards the future of dental health with our container dental clinic. A smile is everyone's right.


Interior Design

At the entrance of the dental container, there is an operator section. In this area, there is a desk for the operator to manage patient records and provideconsultation. Additionally, there is a PVC window for lighting and ventilation in this section. Access to the examination room is provided through the door in this area.

To use the container space more efficiently, less space is allocated to the entrance area. A spacious area is dedicated to the dental clinic section. In this examination room, a dental chair is centrally positioned to allow staff to move in a large area during examinations. Numerous cabinets are available for the storage of materials and equipment within the clinic. A worktable behind the chair facilitates the work of the personnel. A second worktable at the entrance allows the sink to be used by both patients and staff.

Under the sink, there is a cabinet that houses the water system. In this area, a refrigerator is available for medications or materials that need to be stored at a specific temperature in the dental clinic.

In the room, there are double-opening PVC windows for ventilation and lighting. Upon customer request, a blinds system can be integrated into these windows.

Cabinet modules behind the chair provide both storage and workspace for the equipment and materials required in the dental clinic. These cabinet modules can be made with antibacterial features in wood or aluminum coating according to customer preferences.

The electrical system needed for the clinic can be provided with a solar panel system, hybrid electrical system, or generator. The clean water and wastewater system can be integrated into the container system based on the location where the container will be placed.


Below is the list containing the basic furnishings and medical equipment of the container dental clinic. Each dental clinic shapes itself according to its specific needs, so the list can be customized as required.



  1. Sterilization Unit (Optional)
  2. Medical Imaging Equipment (X-Ray, Ultrasonography, etc.) (Optional)
  3. Office Desk (Optional)
  4. Office Chair (Optional)
  5. Computers and Monitors (Optional)
  6. Storage Cabinets (Optional)
  7. Workbenches (Optional)
  8. Medical Waste Containers (Optional)
  9. Examination Tables (Optional)
  10. Examination Lamps (Optional)
  11. Lighting Systems (Optional)
  12. Patient Information Boards (Optional)
  13. Cleaning Supplies (Disinfectants, Cleaning Cloths, etc.) (Optional)
  14. Floor Coverings (Laminate, PVC, etc.) (Optional)
  15. Wall Coverings (Washable and Antibacterial) (Optional)
  16. Ceiling Coverings (Special Coatings, Ventilation, etc.) (Optional)
  17. First Aid Supplies (Optional)
  18. Electronic Equipment (Computers, Printers, etc.) (Optional)
  19. Cameras and Security Systems (Optional)
  20. Sound Systems (Announcements, Music, etc.) (Optional)
  21. Patient Information Screens (Optional)
  22. Curtains and Zebra Blinds (Optional)
  23. Bathroom and Toilet Accessories (Optional)
  24. Fire Extinguishing Equipment (Optional)
  25. Electrical Outlets and Lighting Controls (Optional)
  26. Generator or Backup Power Source (Optional)
  27. Telephones and Communication Systems (Optional)
  28. Fire Alarm Systems (Optional)
  29. Air Conditioning or Heating Systems (Optional)
  30. Water Heaters and Water Supply Systems (Optional)
  31. Kitchen and Dining Area Furniture (Optional)
  32. Water Coolers (Optional)
  33. Washing and Dishwashing Machines (Optional)
  34. Vending Machines and Food-Beverage Products (Optional)
  35. Emergency Exit Signs (Optional)
  36. Air Purifiers and Filters (Optional)
  37. Outdoor Furniture and Green Area Arrangements (Optional)
  38. Trash Containers and Waste Management Equipment (Optional)
  39. Elevators and Disabled Access Equipment (Optional)
  40. Wi-Fi and Internet Access Equipment (Optional)
  41. Examination Table (Optional)
  42. Waiting Chairs (Optional)



Medical Equipment:

  1. Examination Chair (Optional)
  2. Mouth Mirrors and Probes (Optional)
  3. X-Ray Devices (Optional)
  4. Ultrasonography Devices (Optional)
  5. Abrasives and Drills (Optional)
  6. Cannulas and Syringes (Optional)
  7. Endodontic Equipment (Optional)
  8. Surgical Sets (Optional)
  9. Bridges and Prosthetic Equipment (Optional)
  10. Impression Materials (Optional)
  11. Sterilization Units (Optional)
  12. Teeth Whitening Equipment (Optional)
  13. Oral Showers and Water Flossers (Optional)
  14. Radiography Equipment (Optional)
  15. Tooth Extraction Equipment (Optional)
  16. Orthodontic Equipment (Optional)
  17. Dental Implants and Implant Equipment (Optional)
  18. Laser Treatment Devices (Optional)
  19. Endoscopic Cameras (Optional)
  20. Sinus Lift Equipment (Optional)
  21. Periodontal Surgical Equipment (Optional)
  22. Medical Compression Devices (Optional)
  23. Defibrillators (Optional)
  24. Dental Air Polishers (Optional)
  25. Jaw Illuminating Devices (Optional)
  26. Periapical Radiography Equipment (Optional)
  27. Dental Cleaning Devices (Optional)
  28. Medical Aspiration Devices (Optional)
  29. Pulp Testers (Optional)
  30. Intraoral Cameras (Optional)
  31. Endodontic Motors (Optional)
  32. Surgical Aspiration Devices (Optional)
  33. Radiography Devices (Optional)
  34. Panoramic Radiography Devices (Optional)
  35. Dental Cutting Instruments (Optional)
  36. Hemorrhage Control Devices (Optional)
  37. Periodontal Rupture Devices (Optional)
  38. Tooth Extraction Force Measurement Devices (Optional)
  39. Tooth Hardness Measurement Devices (Optional)
  40. Dental Spray Devices (Optional)
  41. Dental Prosthesis Measurement Devices (Optional)
  42. Dental Implant Application Devices (Optional)
  43. Root Canal Treatment Devices (Optional)
  44. Dental Grinding Devices (Optional)
  45. Dental Prosthesis Color Determination Devices (Optional)
  46. Intraoral Scanning Devices (Optional)
  47. Dental X-Ray Film Imaging Devices (Optional)