• Gynecology Mammography Container

Gynecology Mammography Container

Multi complex container
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The Gynecology /Mammography Clinic Container is a specialized healthcare unit designed to bring the highest level of modern medicine to the most remote
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The Gynecology /Mammography Clinic Container is a specialized healthcare unit designed to bring the highest level of modern medicine to the most remote areas and facilitate access to Gynecology / Mammography services. These clinics support women in leading healthy lives by providing critical services such as mammography screenings.

Each Gynecology / Mammography Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art mammography devices and gynecological equipment. This enables obtaining high-quality images necessary for early diagnosis and treatment. The clinics are also designed specifically to ensure that gynecological examinations are conducted comfortably and safely.

Gynecology / Mammography Clinic Containers offer significant advantages, especially in remote or hard-to-reach areas, during emergency interventions, and in disaster situations. Thanks to their mobile structures, they can be swiftly transported to wherever they are needed.

Designed to support women in leading healthy lives and facilitate access to gynecological and mammography services, Gynecology / Mammography Clinic Containers bring modern medicine to your doorstep, providing a more comprehensive service for women's health.

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Here is an extensive catalog outlining fundamental furnishings and crucial medical provisions tailored for a container. It's important to note that each container's necessities may differ, so this inventory should be personalized to meet the distinct requirements of the specific container.

Furnishing Products:

  1. - Office Chair (Optional)
  2. - Medical Waste Containers (Optional)
  3. - Air Purifiers and Filters (Optional)
  4. - Electrical Outlets and Lighting Controls (Optional)
  5. - Emergency Exit Signs (Optional)
  6. - Sterilization Unit (Optional)
  7. - Examination Stool (Optional)
  8. - Waiting Chairs (Optional)
  9. - Medical Imaging Equipment (X-ray, Ultrasound, etc.) (Optional)
  10. - Computers and Monitors (Optional)
  11. - Cleaning Supplies (Disinfectants, Cleaning Cloths, etc.) (Optional)
  12. - First Aid Supplies (Optional)
  13. - Water Heaters and Water Supply Systems (Optional)
  14. - Generator or Backup Power Source (Optional)
  15. - Medical Examination Lights (Optional)
  16. - Kitchen and Dining Area Furniture (Optional)
  17. - Phones and Communication Systems (Optional)
  18. - Storage Cabinets (Optional)
  19. - Floor Coverings (Laminate, PVC, etc.) (Optional)
  20. - Wall Coverings (Washable and Antibacterial) (Optional)
  21. - Ceiling Coverings (Special Coatings, Ventilation, etc.) (Optional)
  22. - Trash Containers and Waste Management Equipment (Optional)
  23. - Medical Imaging Equipment (X-ray, Ultrasound, etc.) (Optional)
  24. - Laundry and Dishwashing Machines (Optional)
  25. - Wi-Fi and Internet Access Equipment (Optional)
  26. - Office Desk (Optional)
  27. - Fire Alarm Systems (Optional)
  28. - Elevators and Disabled Access Equipment (Optional)

Medical Supplies:

  1. Gynecology Chair (Optional)
  2. Speculums (Optional)
  3. Ultrasound Devices (Optional)
  4. Biopsy Needles and Sets (Optional)
  5. Biopsy Guide Needles (Optional)
  6. Biopsy Breast Clips (Optional)
  7. Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB) Sets (Optional)
  8. Biopsy Localization Wires and Clips (Optional)
  9. Sterilization Unit (Optional)
  10. Anesthesia Devices (Optional)
  11. Medical Imaging Equipment (X-ray, Ultrasound, etc.) (Optional)
  12. Colposcope and Accessories (Optional)
  13. Endometrial Biopsy Set (Optional)
  14. Vacuum Aspiration Device (Optional)
  15. Ultrasound Gel (Optional)
  16. Hormone Test Kits (Optional)
  17. Mammography Plates (Optional)
  18. Implant Biopsy Needles (Optional)
  19. Intrauterine Devices (Optional)
  20. Vaginal Surface Electrodes (Optional)
  21. Vacuum Aspirators (Optional)
  22. Hysteroscope and Accessories (Optional)
  23. Suppositories (Optional)
  24. Breast Ultrasound System (Optional)
  25. Sprays and Gels (Optional)
  26. Hormone Replacement Therapy Products (Optional)
  27. Contraceptive Products (Optional)
  28. Radiation Protection Equipment (Optional)
  29. Gynecological Needle Biopsy Set (Optional)
  30. Maternal and Neonatal Monitors (Optional)