• Mammografi Container 40ft

Mammografi Container 40ft

40ft containers
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Mobile Mammography Units, housed in specially designed containers, represent a breakthrough in healthcare accessibility.
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Mobile Mammography Units, housed in specially designed containers, represent a breakthrough in healthcare accessibility. These units are dedicated to extending contemporary medical technology to even the most remote regions, ensuring women have convenient access to critical breast health services, including mammography screenings.

Each Mobile Mammography Unit boasts cutting-edge mammography equipment and a team of skilled professionals. This combination guarantees the acquisition of high-resolution images crucial for early detection and treatment. Moreover, the clinics are meticulously designed to ensure that mammography screenings are conducted with utmost comfort and safety in mind.

The mobility of these units presents a substantial advantage, particularly in remote, challenging-to-access areas, during emergencies, and amidst disaster scenarios. The rapid deployment capability ensures they can be swiftly dispatched to any location in need.

Crafted with the mission to empower women in leading healthy lives and to streamline access to breast health, Mobile Mammography Units deliver modern medicine right to your doorstep, offering a comprehensive approach to women's well-being.

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The following is a compilation of necessary furnishings and medical provisions for the Container Mammography Clinic. Each clinic is tailored to its unique requirements, allowing for flexibility in the list as per specific needs.


  1. - Medical Imaging Equipment (X-ray, Ultrasound, etc.) (Optional)
  2. - Lighting Systems (Optional)
  3. - Sterilization Unit (Optional)
  4. - Waiting Chairs (Optional)
  5. - Office Desk (Optional)
  6. - Office Chair (Optional)
  7. - Kitchen and Dining Area Furniture (Optional)
  8. - Bathroom and Toilet Equipment (Optional)
  9. - Laundry and Dishwashers (Optional)
  10. - Trash Containers and Waste Management Equipment (Optional)
  11. - Internet Access Equipment (Optional)
  12. - Generator or Backup Power Source (Optional)
  13. - Examination Table (Optional)
  14. - Examination Lamps (Optional)
  15. - First Aid Supplies (Optional)
  16. - Water Heaters and Water Supply Systems (Optional)
  17. - Storage Cabinets (Optional)
  18. - Elevators and Accessibility Equipment for Disabled (Optional)
  19. - Fire Alarm Systems (Optional)
  20. - Wi-Fi and Internet Access Equipment (Optional)
  21. - Fire Extinguishing Equipment (Optional)
  22. - Vending Machines and Food-Beverage Products (Optional)
  23. - Outdoor Furniture and Green Area Arrangements (Optional)
  24. - Medical Waste Containers (Optional)
  25. - Floor Coverings (Laminate, PVC, etc.) (Optional)
  26. - Cleaning Supplies (Disinfectant, Cleaning Cloth, etc.) (Optional)
  27. - Air Purifiers and Filters (Optional)
  28. - Stretchers (Optional)
  29. - Examination Table (Optional)
  30. - Outdoor Furniture and Green Area Arrangements (Optional)
  31. - Lighting Systems (Optional)
  32. - Fire Alarm Systems (Optional)
  33. - Air Conditioning or Heating Systems (Optional)
  34. - Electrical Outlets and Lighting Controls (Optional)
  35. - Communication Systems (Optional)
  36. - Sound Systems (Announcements, Music, etc.) (Optional)
  37. - Cameras and Security Systems (Optional)
  38. - Patient Information Screens (Optional)
  39. - Patient Information Panels (Optional)
  40. - Curtains and Roller Blinds (Optional)
  41. - Water Dispensers (Optional)
  42. - Air Purifiers and Filters (Optional)
  43. - Stretchers (Optional)
  44. - Waiting Chairs (Optional)

Medical Equipment:

  1. - Hormone Test Kits (Optional)
  2. - Endometrial Biopsy Kit (Optional)
  3. - Ultrasound Gel (Optional)
  4. - Colposcope and Accessories (Optional)
  5. - Biopsy Breast Clips (Optional)
  6. - Mammography Films and Plates (Optional)
  7. - Biopsy Needles and Sets (Optional)
  8. - Sterilization Unit (Optional)
  9. - Digital Mammography Device (Optional)
  10. - Biopsy Guidance Needles (Optional)
  11. - Vacuum Aspiration Device (Optional)
  12. - Anesthesia Devices (Optional)
  13. - Biopsy Localization Wires and Clips (Optional)
  14. - Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB) Sets (Optional)
  15. - Medical Imaging Equipment (X-ray, Ultrasound, etc.) (Optional)