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Medical Xray Container

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Medical Clinic / X-ray Unit is a specialized healthcare unit designed to provide seamless and high-quality healthcare services using the latest technologies
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Medical Clinic / X-ray Unit is a specialized healthcare unit designed to provide seamless and high-quality healthcare services using the latest technologies in modern medicine. This unit combines radiological diagnostics with general examination and treatment services, offering a comprehensive healthcare solution. It is equipped with state-of-the-art digital X-ray devices, enabling prompt and accurate diagnoses for swift initiation of treatment. Moreover, the medical clinic is specially designed to provide a comfortable and secure examination environment.

With the ability to offer a wide range of services from emergency interventions to routine check-ups, this unit holds great significance in remote areas or places with limited accessibility. Thanks to its portable structure, it can swiftly be transported to wherever the need arises.

The Medical Clinic / X-ray Unit ensures that modern medicine comes to your doorstep, safeguarding the health of the community. Feel free to reach out to us for detailed information and appointments.


Included below is a comprehensive list detailing basic furniture and essential medical supplies designed for a container. It's important to note that each container's necessities may vary, so this inventory should be customized in accordance with the distinct requirements of the specific container.

Furnishing Products:

  1. Electrical Outlets and Lighting Controls (Optional)
  2. Water Heaters and Water Supply Systems (Optional)
  3. Sterilization Unit (Optional)
  4. Emergency Exit Signs (Optional)
  5. Computers and Monitors (Optional)
  6. Laundry and Dishwashing Machines (Optional)
  7. Medical Imaging Equipment (X-ray, Ultrasound, etc.) (Optional)
  8. Medical Waste Containers (Optional)
  9. Storage Cabinets (Optional)
  10. Cleaning Supplies (Disinfectants, Cleaning Cloths, etc.) (Optional)
  11. First Aid Supplies (Optional)
  12. Air Purifiers and Filters (Optional)
  13. Wall Coverings (Washable and Antibacterial) (Optional)
  14. Floor Coverings (Laminate, PVC, etc.) (Optional)
  15. Ceiling Coverings (Special Coatings, Ventilation, etc.) (Optional)
  16. Examination Stool (Optional)
  17. Waiting Chairs (Optional)
  18. Office Chair (Optional)
  19. Office Desk (Optional)
  20. Phones and Communication Systems (Optional)
  21. Generator or Backup Power Source (Optional)
  22. Kitchen and Dining Area Furniture (Optional)
  23. Trash Containers and Waste Management Equipment (Optional)
  24. Wi-Fi and Internet Access Equipment (Optional)
  25. Fire Alarm Systems (Optional)
  26. Elevators and Disabled Access Equipment (Optional)

Medical Supplies:

  1. Medical Examination Table
  2. Medical Surgical Lights
  3. Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
  4. Electrocardiography (EKG) Device
  5. Blood Counting Device
  6. Ultrasound Device
  7. X-ray Machine
  8. Electromyography (EMG) Device
  9. Laboratory Microscopes
  10. Anesthesia Machines
  11. Surgical Sets
  12. Cannulas and Needles
  13. Defibrillator
  14. Echocardiography (ECHO) Device
  15. Pulse Oximeter
  16. Electrodes and Probes
  17. Medical Waste Containers
  18. Sterile Medical Gloves
  19. Medical Masks and Goggles
  20. Bandages and Sterile Wound Coverings
  21. Alcohol and Antiseptic Solutions
  22. Medical Gases (Oxygen, Nitrogen, etc.)
  23. Infusion Sets and Needles
  24. Blood Transfusion Products
  25. Medications and Serums
  26. Wound Cleaning and Care Materials
  27. Surgical Gloves and Gowns
  28. Medical Masks and Respiratory Devices
  29. Sterilization Bags and Covers
  30. - Digital X-ray Machine
  31. - Film-based X-ray Machine (Optional)
  32. - Fluoroscopy Machine (Optional)
  33. - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Machine (Optional)
  34. - Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner (Optional)
  35. - X-ray Film Viewing Machine (Optional)
  36. - X-ray Film Washing Machine (Optional)
  37. - Radiography Devices (Optional)
  38. - Radiation Detectors and Sensors (Optional)
  39. - Imaging Screens and Monitors (Optional)
  40. - X-ray Films
  41. - X-ray Film Contrast Agents
  42. - Radiology Digital Sensors or Plates (Optional)
  43. - Radiology Film Chemicals (Optional)
  44. - Disposable Radiology Gloves
  45. - Radiation Protective Aprons and Sleeves
  46. - Imaging Screen Cleaning Materials
  47. - X-ray Film Storage and Archiving Products
  48. - Radiation Protective Glasses or Masks (Optional)
  49. - Radiation Measurement Devices (Optional)