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Customized containers
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Container morgues are developed as mobile and swift solutions for the temporary preservation
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Container morgue units are portable morgue facilities used during emergencies or disasters. These units are typically equipped with specialized equipment installed inside large containers. They provide a suitable environment for the preservation, identification, and necessary procedures of deceased bodies.

These types of morgue units can be quickly set up and made operational during emergencies such as natural disasters, accidents, outbreaks of diseases, or other emergencies. The portability of the containers provides flexibility to local health authorities or rescue teams and can be rapidly relocated when needed.

Container morgue units offer health workers and law enforcement agencies the ability to manage the process of handling and identifying deceased bodies more effectively. Additionally, these units can be used to meet excess demand when the capacity of regular morgue facilities is exceeded and help alleviate the burden on healthcare systems during emergencies

Key Features:

Quick Installation: Container morgues have a modular structure that allows for fast and easy setup.

Equipment: They are equipped with cooling systems and other necessary technological hardware.

Durable and Portable: Made from robust materials, the containers can be easily transported when needed.

Modular Design: Containers can be expanded or customized based on requirements, providing flexibility to meet different capacities.

These facilities play a critical role in public safety during times of natural disasters, pandemics, or other crisis situations.


  1. Cooling Systems: Used to preserve bodies at low temperatures.
  2. Shelves or Tables: Used to arrange bodies systematically.
  3. Lighting: Provides illumination in the viewing and working areas of the morgue.
  4. Computers or Data Recording Systems: Used for recording and storing data.
  5. Hygiene Materials: Used for cleaning and disinfection procedures.
  6. Storage Capacity: Used for storing body bags and other materials.
  7. Emergency Equipment: Fire extinguishers, smoke masks, and other emergency equipment may be available.