• Pharmacy Container 40ft
  • Pharmacy Container 40ft

Pharmacy Container 40ft

40ft containers
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The Container Pharmacy represents a mobile healthcare facility strategically created to address immediate medical...
Product code : PC40

Container Pharmacy is a portable healthcare unit designed to meet urgent medical needs and provide temporary health services. This specialized container is equipped with modern medical equipment and is designed to ensure rapid intervention in emergency situations.


Container pharmacies play a crucial role in disaster areas or areas with limited accessibility. Especially in cases of natural disasters, conflicts, or other emergencies where traditional healthcare infrastructure may be limited or unusable, these mobile pharmacies offer a fast and effective solution.

Each Container Pharmacy can be customized according to the needs of patients. The aim is to stock these containers with medications, medical supplies, and other healthcare products for the quick management of emergencies. Additionally, these pharmacies may include workspaces for healthcare personnel and essential medical equipment.


Thanks to their portable structures, Container Pharmacies can be easily transported to any required location. This allows for their rapid deployment and service during emergencies. Moreover, these pharmacies can also be used for community events, campaigns, or other activities requiring temporary healthcare services.


Interior Design

The reception desk in the entrance area divides the container into a waiting area and a pharmacy section. The metal bench located in the waiting area is an optional feature that can be customized according to customer requests and needs. Waiting chairs, benches, and chairs can be positioned as desired. In the pharmacy section, there is initially a reception desk where staff provides services to visitors. Two glass-fronted cabinets are located in the rear for storing pharmacy products and medications. These cabinets have a drawer module to facilitate storage and organization.


In the pharmacy section, there is a workbench, and there are sufficient cabinets for storage underneath the bench. Additionally, there is a refrigerator under the bench for storing medications and materials that require storage below a certain temperature. Depending on customer demands, the storage area near the container’s doors can be customized to serve as a cold room.



Presented below is an extensive catalog of items incorporated within Container Pharmacies. Each pharmacy is meticulously designed to cater to the unique requests and necessities of our customers.


  1. - Cleaning Supplies (Disinfectant, Cleaning Cloth, etc.) (Optional)
  2. - Water Dispensers (Optional)
  3. - Air Conditioning or Heating Systems (Optional)
  4. - Air Purifiers and Filters (Optional)
  5. - Generator or Backup Power Source (Optional)
  6. - Wi-Fi and Internet Access Equipment (Optional)
  7. - Storage Cabinets (Optional)
  8. - Emergency Exit Signs (Optional)
  9. - Electrical Outlets and Lighting Controls (Optional)
  10. - Water Heaters and Water Supply Systems (Optional)
  11. - Kitchen and Dining Area Furniture (Optional)
  12. - Lighting Systems (Optional)
  13. - Floor Coverings (Laminate, PVC, etc.) (Optional)
  14. - First Aid Supplies (Optional)
  15. - Fire Alarm Systems (Optional)
  16. - Fire Extinguishing Equipment (Optional)
  17. - Waiting Chairs (Optional)
  18. - Curtains and Zebra Blinds (Optional)
  19. - Camera and Security Systems (Optional)
  20. - Computers and Monitors (Optional)
  21. - Medical Waste Containers (Optional)
  22. - Telephone and Communication Systems (Optional)
  23. - Sound Systems (Announcements, Music, etc.) (Optional)
  24. - Vending Machines and Food & Beverage Products (Optional)
  25. - Ceiling Coverings (Special Coatings, Ventilation, etc.) (Optional)
  26. - Electronic Equipment (Computer, Printer, etc.) (Optional)
  27. - Workbenches (Optional)
  28. - First Aid Supplies (Optional)

Medical Equipment:

  1. - First Aid Kits (Optional)
  2. - Sterile Surgical Gowns (Optional)
  3. - Medical Gases (Oxygen, Nitrogen, etc.) (Optional)
  4. - Refrigerators (Optional)
  5. - Medical Gloves (Optional)
  6. - Medical Oxygen Concentrators (Optional)
  7. - Blood Sugar Measurement Devices (Optional)
  8. - Needles and Syringes (Optional)
  9. - Sterilization Devices (Optional)
  10. - Bandages and Sterile Wound Coverings (Optional)
  11. - Blood Pressure Monitors (Optional)
  12. - IV Sets and Pumps (Optional)
  13. - Pulse Oximeters (Optional)
  14. - Medication Cabinets (Optional)
  15. - Hand Sanitizer (Optional)
  16. - Medical Surgical Masks (Optional)
  17. - Emergency Medications (Optional)
  18. - Thermometers (Optional)
  19. - Stitch and Wound Care Kits (Optional)
  20. - Medical Stretchers and Transportation Equipment (Optional)
  21. - Medical Waste Containers (Optional)
  22. - Blood Pressure Measurement Devices (Optional)